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Fine Woodworking by Simon Girouard

Almost everything I do is unique and/or customized for my clients.

Fine Woodworker & Designer

Simon Girouard

As a young boy, I was often helping my dad when he was doing some work around the house. I learned a lot from him but it was always big projects using construction materials.

About 12 years ago, I tried my hand at building furniture and small objects out of wood. I quickly discovered that I had an ability for it and that I liked it much more than doing home renovations.

For me, it is the result that is important and, for this reason, I consider myself a "Hybrid Woodworker" meaning that I use traditional hand tools as much as modern power tools to accomplish my goals.

What you can expect from me


I will help you with the design of your project to make it the best for your needs and expectations.


I will always build something to the best of my abilities.


I will keep you informed of the state of your project and show you pictures taken at different milestones.

Let's work together

You have an idea, a project, or simply cannot find what you are looking for anywhere?

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